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Buying Cialis Online

Dosage and Administration: 20 mg 20 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse. Application allowed no more than once in 36 hours, since it was given a time period is limited to the period of preparation. Contraindications to the use and interaction with other drugs: contraindications are idiosyncrasy of the active substances of the drug, and acute liver failure. With the simultaneous use of alcohol and during treatment sedatives may gain side effects.Side effects: In rare cases, possible headaches and nagging pains in the muscles, which completely disappear within a few hours. To date, generic Cialis is one of the best sellers among drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. Almost any drug store has in stock the drug, due to its growing popularity among consumers. Cialis also can be bought over the internet can be. Generic Cialis - is a solution to most problems that might dampen sex life of men. You can save a lot of money and time buying cialis online.